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Full (complete removal) & surface (temporary handling) Surface Decontamination for Tools and Equipment

equipments surface decontaminationMercury is known for its ability to amalgamate and form a liquid metal solution with precious metals. It is also believed that mercury can react with alloying constituents of contaminated metals and remain within the metal structure itself. Sensitizing of the inter-metallic compounds during heat application can somewhat affect the structural integrity of the based metals. If the alloying elements are not susceptible for sensitization, amalgamated mercury will tend to remain within the grain boundaries of the contacted metal itself thus, proper decontamination is required to ensure imminent mercury exposure is extensively minimized. Current mercury decontamination work conducted using decontamination chemical can only temporarily suppress and stabilize mercury on the surface. Whenever decontaminated items are exposed to heat, mercury can easily surface out and vaporize. Therefore, handling of these exposed decontaminated items will not give absolute guarantee that one who does the handling is "free" form mercury poisoning hazard.

At HG Solution, we have the ability to perform surface decontamination. With our in-house expertise, we have locally formulated a "state of the art" decontamination chemical, HGS308, which is proven to efficiently suppress the level of mercury vapor thus allowing temporary safe handling of contaminated items. HGS308 is a surfactant based chemical, which makes the cleaning more effective and can be also used to perform decontamination on "contaminated" personnel.

Surface Decontamination for Tools and EquipmentFor a "complete" solution, HG Solution is testing a pilot system to fully decontaminate mercury contaminated items, tools or equipment. With the environmental friendly approach, contaminated items or equipment will be treated in a manner that all mercury trapped within grain boundary of materials will be vaporized without affecting the materials structural integrity. Materials treatment process will be monitored strictly adhere to the Department of Environment (DOE) requirement and certificate of fitness will be produced for each treated items. The treated item can therefore be reused again, reconditioned or resold for a value.

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