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Mercury Decontamination Chemical

HG Solution Sdn Bhd with its associate company COSS, has developed a chemical that suppresses mercury vapor. HGS308 is to be used during major turnaround activities such as flange breaking, valve, spool & pipe replacement and also daily maintenance activities.

The chemical was formulated from a surfactant based chemical with food grade active compound. HGS308 is most suitable for hydrocarbon cleaning and as a mercury suppressant. Apart from that, it also acts as an LEL suppressant and since it is readily biodegradable, it poses a minimal impact towards the environment especially marine life.

Rust Remover – EvapoRust

Specifically formulated to efficiently remove rust without affecting materials integrity with just by soaking, rinsing or spraying, EVAPORUST has been proven in many industrial sector as an effective water base rust remover. Formulated to be user and environmental friendly, EVAPORUST is non-toxic, no fumes released, biodegradable & environmentally safe.

Emulsifier – CX101

CX101-Emulsifier has been proven as a very effective hydrocarbon waste/ stain cleaner in Oil & Gas industries. Applied for cleaning stubborn hydrocarbon stain, CX101-Emulsifier is not like other normal degreaser for hydrocarbon spill cleaning agent that can effectively remove stain in a very short time. With just spraying to the stain followed by rinsing with water, our facilities will look like new without having to use much energy as other normal degreaser.

Boiler Cleaner – KNJ-60

Specifically formulated as boiler cleaning solution, KNJ-60 has been proven to shortened downtime for boiler maintenance job and saving of up to 40% of operating costs for boiler after application. Easy to use without having to shutdown, KNJ-60 is the best option ever for boiler cleaning with guaranteed in quality & effectiveness.

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